"You don't take a photograph, you make it"
- Ansel Adams
Heya! Thanks for stopping by here and reading about me. I'm Yogesh, mostly referred as Yogi, and I love Long Exposure Photography. I have created this page to showcase my take on photography of various genres, but mostly one that involves long exposures.
At the heart of it all, I'm a simple person, always trying hard to make life simple. Growing up, I always felt attracted to Art, whether it was just doing sketches or taking pictures from a film camera that my dad had. I knew I would pursue art at some stage of my life and come December 2009; I bought myself my very own camera. Years passed and this hobby of photography turned into a passion. Of all kinds of photography that I do (yeah, I take photos of almost anything), long exposure photography became my favorite type of photography. However, I'm also deeply passionate about astronomical shots and have a long-running desire to capture the light that is hundreds of light years away from us.
By day, I'm an engineer working for one of the leading cloud provider - Amazon Web Services. I always had a keen interest in computers and systems and this job satisfies my techy need besides providing me my bread to eat and water to drink. Come Sunsets (and sometimes Sunrises), I wear Photographers hat (or vest) and go on exploring unseen locations which I can reimagine and paint with a camera as a brush. Exploring, scouting, and then capturing the lights and precious moments through my lens is truly something I enjoy.
By night, I take on a very different route. I like to capture the light that is hundreds and thousands of light years away. From time to time, I try to escape the urban life and go in a remote places that open your eyes to the whole different world. Framed by stunning night skies and mountains, I like to point my lens to the distance and capture a sky full of stars. Astrophotography has been an emerging passion for me. The stars and the deep sky objects evoke a sense of freedom for me, and as the years to come, I’ve plans to spend countless nights, camped beneath the night sky, just so that I would return home with once-in-a-lifetime views. A view that may be forever treasured in the walls of your homes for years to come.

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